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Kellie Copeland Kutz

Speaker, author, musician, wife, and mother of four, Kellie Copeland Kutz has played a major role in bringing the gospel to those hungry for the truth of God’s Word. Kellie has taken the Word of God to the world through television, print media, and conferences, as well as her music ministry.

Kellie directs the development of all Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ children’s product, and is the contributing editor for Shout! The Voice of Victory for Kids, a bimonthly children’s magazine with more than 160,000 subscriptions. She is best known as Commander Kellie—the fearless, faith-filled adventurer in the Commander Kellie and the SuperKidsSM video and audio series and Commander Kellie and the SuperKidsSM novels.

Like her character, Kellie has a heart for all to know victory in life is achieved through a close and personal relathioship with God, the Father.

Kellie has an extensive music ministry, inspired by her father, television and conference minister, Kenneth Copeland. Her musical accomplishments include a solo album, Refreshing Times; a duet album with Scott Johnson, Goodbye World; and three children’s albums, Precious Moments, Lullabies, and her newest project, And Jesus Healed Them All, a children’s healing music album.

Kellie and her husband, Win, the director of Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ music department, have four children, Rachel, Lyndsey, Jenny, and Max.

Kellie says, “My desire is to see people live on the Word.” She gets excited when she sees someone who as heard the Word, put action with it, and lives a victorious life.


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